FAQ - Island Boy Adventures
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How long are Island Boy charters?

We offer both half day and full day charters. Half day is approximately 4 hours, full day is approximately 8 hours.

How much is an Island Boy charter?

Pricing depends on half or full day, what kinds of activities you would like to do, and how far you would like to travel.  Please call or email us and we will be happy to give you details.

Will anyone else share the boat with me?

Island Boy charters are 100% private. You rent the boat for yourself and anyone in your party. Parties can be as few as 1 and up to 8-10 depending on activities.

Is lunch included?

We can organize lunch for you if you wish or you may bring your own lunch.

Is there a bathroom on board?

Yes, we have a bathroom on all of our boats.

Do you have drinks on board?

Yes, we will have water and other drinks, depending on the season. You are free to bring any types of food or beverages you wish.

Do you supply snorkeling gear?

Yes, we have snorkeling gear available for your party to use for your Island Boy adventure!

Do you supply fishing gear?

Yes, we have fishing gear on board and will equip you based on season and type of catch we are going after.

How long is your boat?

Our boats are 35 feet, with a center console design, bathroom, cabin, and everything you need to have a safe and memorable Exuma adventure. Our private charters are dry and very comfortable.

Where do we leave from?

Departure marinas are both trip itinerary and weather dependent and will be arranged when you make your reservations.

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