Guided Exuma Fishing Trips.

We know where the fish are, and we will help you catch ‘em!

Island Boy has been fishing in Exuma for over 25 years. We know where, when, and how to catch yellowtail, bonito, dorado, and more. Island Boy provides all of the equipment and will clean and fillet your catch of the day on our very own dock. Call or email us to book your day fishing in Exuma! You will have a lot of fun and come home with a few local fish to grill on your BBQ!

The water in the Exuma Cays is as beautiful as any sea in the world. Exuma is also filled with fish. The waters are teeming with fish to catch, big and small. Whether you are wanting to go after a Blue Marlin, Yellowtail tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, or many other kinds of local fish, Island Boy can hook you up! All of the Island Boy crew have the experience to lead your Exuma fishing charter.

Island Boy will also handle all of the fishing gear, as well as cleaning and preparing your catch of the day for a home BBQ.  We will clean the fish at the end of our fishing charter, bag and ice the fish for you.  You can choose to hire Island Boy for a full day Exuma fishing charter, or you can combine fishing with a number of other activities, including Swimming with Pigs, Feeding Iguanas, Snorkeling, or touring the beautiful beaches of the Exuma keys.

Trolling is the #1 fishing method used by Island Boy in the Exuma Cays.  Island Boy uses multiple outriggers when trolling, you and your party will be relaxing with a cold Kalik or Kalik light when the fish hits!  Trolling is a very enjoyable charter fishing method since it allows you time to relax and enjoy the scenery during your Exuma charter.  When the fish hit, Island Boy will maneuver the boat to assist you in landing your catch.
The fish in Exuma is beautiful, local, varied, and also very good at eating.  Tuna is a favorite catch on Island Boy.  We will often prepare a freshly caught tuna into sushi within minutes.