Exuma Private Events

Dive for starfish, lobsters, conch. Tour the calming cave and see native, underwater life unique to these Bahamian Cays. Island Boy Adventures will provide all of the snorkeling equipment you need and the know-how to plan an outing you will never forget! Exuma’s waters are magical, crystal clear, with a range of blues, greens, and turquoise that are unmatched anywhere on earth. If you are interested in a day of snorkeling, please call or book online to go snorkeling with Island Boy!

Snorkeling @ Starfish Bay
Exuma is home to some of the largest and most diverse populations of Starfish in the world.  The clear turquoise water makes it possible for almost every type of color and size and variation of Starfish that you can imagine. Starfish are magical sea creatures that will delight your senses and touch your imagination.  Island Boy Adventures will arrange for part of your day snorkeling to include Starfish, a special part of sea life in beautiful Exuma Cays.

Snorkeling @Thunder Ball Grotto

Did you know that the famous James Bond filmed an underwater scene in our own Exuma Cays? Sean Connery as 007 in Thunderball, snorkeled in the so-called Thunderball Grotto, an underwater cave filled with fish, colors, and a tide you can learn to navigate to enter! Island Boy Adventures will take you and your private party snorkeling in the famous Thunderball Grotto. You will float into this mysterious sea cave and swim where Bond swam.