Feed the Iguanas in Exuma

Have you ever fed a wild iguana out of your hand? There are several Exuma islands that are home to iguanas. Feeding these native creatures surrounded by the natural beauty of Exuma is a lot of fun. As a part of your Exuma adventures, Island Boy will organize a trip to allow you to feed iguanas as a part of your Bahamas adventure. Call or book online to feed an iguana w/Island Boy!

Iguanas are truly amazing creatures with interesting personalities and quirky features.  What you will notice on your Exuma iguana feeding adventure is as soon as you are dropped off on the island, and ready to feed the iguanas, they will begin to walk down towards the beach.  You will see big iguanas and small iguanas and they will all be hungry.  You can feed the iguanas in Exuma directly out of your hand, or you can toss the food on the ground.

Island Boy Adventures will provide different kinds of food for you to feed the iguanas in the Exuma keys. You will only have to wade a very small distance to exit the boat and walk onto an island full of wild iguanas.  Most people have only see an iguana at a local zoo or perhaps in an aquarium.. Your Island Boy Exuma adventure is a chance to feed wild iguanas in their natural habitat.  Feeding iguanas is a lot of fun and a memory you can share of your trip to Exuma!