Have you ever heard of the Exuma, Bahamas pigs? If no, it’s worth knowing about these amazing creatures. Most probably, the Exuma, Bahamas are the only place where you will find pigs swimming in the ocean close to you. Fed by tourists and the locals, these pigs that spend a considerable amount of time in the water, are cleaner than most of their counterparts in the rest of the world.

The swimming pigs in the Bahamas are indeed a great tourist attraction, especially for those who take a fancy for these animals in the water. Just imagine the delightful scenario where pigs swim in clear blue tropical waters! The kids will surely be elated at such a sight!

The Bahamas are also called the ‘Official Home of the swimming pigs’ and each year, this unique attraction draws thousands of tourists to the Pig Island or the Big Major Cay. Though it’s not surely known how these pigs came to the island, there are many stories surrounding their origin that is believed to be true by the locals.

But now that they’re here, it’s a fun time for the vacationers and an additional means of attraction for locals, to keep the tourists amused. Experiencing this unique sight of swimming Exuma, Bahamas pigs is one of its kind. You would need to plan your vacation to this coral-based archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean for enjoying this sight as you can’t find it anywhere else in the world!

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